TORBAY Display was established in 1972 and quickly became a 'leading light' not only in Torbay, but around the country and the company continues to thrive.

WINDOW DISPLAY: By staying up to date with colours and fashion, along with fresh new display ideas, Torbay Display has become renowned as a company with a unique style. Led by the dynamism of Stephen Holdup, the company is for ever creating innovative new looks which is recognised by other retailers throughout the country.

Within a year of the company's formation, its clients had grown to cover areas from Kingsbridge to Bristol. Stephen's passion for producing original and modern displays was also noticed by the training industry. He was soon invited to tutor classes of budding visual stylists, a task undertaken with enthusiasm and received with equal interest.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: By customers' popular demands, Torbay Display grew rapidly to incorporate festive decorations. Owner Stephen continues to transform both interiors and exteriors with his exceptional flair. Hotels and shopping centres, as well as public houses, were quickly added to his customer base. Many of his clients have remained with him for over 20 years! Small trading areas were soon asking for their streets to be given a Christmas makeover and, as the saying goes, from little acorns ... Stephen's great talent for design, along with value for money and exceptional service, was quickly recognised by town councils and national businesses alike. It wasn't long before he was supplying 30 towns with their own unique festive look. For the next 15 years, Stephen concentrated on giving his customers, of both visual display and Christmas lights, the best service possible.

WEDDING AND EVENT DISPLAYS: Some years ago, company owner Stephen had a request from a long-term customer ... she mentioned that her daughter's wedding reception would have to be held in the church hall as no-where in Seaton was big enough, but the hall was extremely bland. No problem for Stephen, he took the mantle and transformed the hall into a magical venue, incorporating all of her daughter's colours and themes. Word spread on his amazing results and his ability to take a normal venue and turn it into something enchanting.

The team of experts at Torbay Display continue to take pride in getting to know their customers well, this enables them to provide the best professional specialised package. Their eye for detail ensures that the results are perfect and meets the requirements. The personalised service begins with a meeting to discuss ideas and possible themes. Venues are never a problem - be it hotels, caves, barns, marquees or boats - Torbay Display has decorated them all, plus private homes and even garden centres!

If expertise, personal service and originality are what you're after, look no further!

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